Windows 10 Quick Access: How to max it out in 3 steps

Windows 10 Quick Access: How to max it out in 3 steps

There are numerous folders on each hard drive. While some directories you may never open, there are others that you will browse regularly because they contain files that are important to you.

Microsoft has set up quick access so that you always have your most important folders at hand. You can find out how to use it and customize it in this article.

Windows 10 Quick Access Tutorial

Things that you need every day, like your wallet or the keys to your apartment, will likely be kept in one central place where you can find them quickly at any time. Microsoft’s quick access works similarly.

Here you will find all important folders on your computer. This is where you save all the directories on the hard drive that you want to access quickly and without long clicking through directory structures.

You determine what is important to you personally. The quick access is conveniently not only accessible via Windows Explorer, but also via the Start menu.

How to set up quick access in Windows Explorer

  1. When you start Windows Explorer, you will find the entry “Quick Access” at the top of the directory structure. If the entry is still closed, click on the small arrow to the right of the name to expand the structure. Folders such as “Documents”, “Music” and “Videos” are already included here by default.
  2. To add a new folder to quick access, select the desired directory in the tree structure of the hard disk. Then click on the folder with the right mouse button and select the entry “Pin to quick access” from the context menu.
  3. If you would like to open the folder directly from the start menu, right- click on it and select the entry “Pin to ‘Start'” from the menu. The latter works with all folders and not just with directories that are in quick access.

How to use the quick access via the start menu

Windows automatically creates a practical connection to all the folders that you create in quick access. The directories can also be called up directly via the start menu, so that you can avoid the detour via Windows Explorer.

To open the folders, click the “Windows” button in the taskbar.

Then go to the entry “Explorer” and click on the right next to it on the small arrow pointing to the right. A menu will now open up which you can use to access all the directories that you have combined in the operating system’s quick access.

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