Windows Starter Kit 2022: The software package on every Windows PC
Windows Starter Kit 2022: The software package on every Windows PC

Windows Starter Kit 2022: The software package on every Windows PC

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Windows Starter Kit 2022: The software package on every Windows PC

A fresh start with a newly installed Windows is often the best option. Or have you got yourself a new PC? Then you should install these programs next.

Rackar Biatch presents free information with which you can get off to a perfect start on any Windows computer.

Windows Starter Kit Software

A reboot is good, and reinstalling Windows is often an even better cure for small and large computer problems. But regardless of whether a fresh Windows is a New Year’s resolution for 2021, you set up Windows in between or maybe even treat yourself to a new PC or a new notebook: Windows will be fresh again, but the right tools are missing.

The first official act is usually a new browser, in which many users spend by far the most time. But since the beginning of 2020 Microsoft has already pre-installed a powerful alternative with the new Edge browser.

Try out the new Edge, it is a lot better than its predecessor, since the Windows 10 October update it has been an integral part of Windows 10. And of course we know that Chrome is the most popular browser on Windows too.

But actually we want to advise you to do something else: The last browser to resist the Chromium monopoly is Firefox and it is a very good choice on the desktop.

To do this, you should consider moving as much Internet activity as possible to the Tor Browser; no other browser offers more data protection.

Tools for more security

One of the most important security tools is a password manager. When it comes to security, you quickly end up with the virus scanner and the question of whether Windows Defender is enough or not.

The short answer: It may be enough if it doesn’t annoy you with false positives and slow working methods. Because he has greatly improved his protective function over the past few months.

A third-party virus scanner will no longer necessarily be part of the Windows Starter Kit in 2021, Windows Defender will fit.

But security is not just about virus protection, it always includes several components. One of the most important is a password manager.

We recommend the open source program KeePassXC. It has all the important features for managing and protecting your passwords and you retain control over your password database.

Windows 10 is particularly weak when it comes to backups. A backup tool like EaseUS Todo Backup makes full backups as well as targeted file backups.

This protects you against blackmail Trojans and is on the safe side in the event of failed updates or hardware defects.

Useful helpers

You shouldn’t do without a flexible media player like VLC. Windows 10 can display PDFs, but it relies on the built-in Microsoft Edge browser.

This is sufficient for home use, all other larger browsers also display PDF files. The Sumatra PDF does better, faster and with more functions. An additional tool is particularly useful if you have to go through PDFs frequently for work, study or training.

To play videos, we recommend a program that is well positioned in terms of format support. The VLC media player is a very good choice for this because it brings pretty much every video on the screen.

Plus 7-Zip as a sensible zip program that also offers practical additional functions such as encryption.

Office and image management

XnView is a great image manager with strong extras. Everyone has a different focus when working with Windows. For private use, however, we see at least an office package and image management as important points that you should upgrade.

Microsoft Office is mandatory for corporate use, but it looks different on a private PC. LibreOffice offers all the important functions and is our suggestion for a full-fledged office suite. With XnView Extended, we also recommend powerful image management.

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