Wrist pain can come from the computer mouse

In offices people actually only work with computers. The constant strain on the wrist from working with the computer mouse can lead to pain in the wrist and even tendonitis. Small aids can prevent or relieve the pain.

Wrist pain often from too much computing works

Continuous use of a computer mouse can lead to wrist pain, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome (a pinched nerve at the wrist). Pain can also occur in the fingers that are unnaturally stretched over long periods of time and that rest on the mouse.

This is known as the so-called “mouse finger”. Problems in the hand and wrists are a common occupational disease in computer workplaces.


Preventing wrist pain

There are several ways to prevent wrist pain. An important prerequisite is the right work utensils, such as an ergonomically designed keyboard, the alternating use of different input devices, such as mouse and trackball, and possible voice control.

The use of a palm rest made of silicone to rest and stabilize the wrist can also bring relief to the stressed wrist.


Exercises for wrist pain

Another way to counteract wrist pain is to do small loosening and strengthening exercises for the joint. Shake your hands at regular intervals even while working, clench your hands in a fist, straighten them and, at the beginning, fix the sore wrist with the other hand.

A good exercise is to make a fist while tensing your muscles, breathing evenly, and then letting it go. You will feel the relaxation. This exercise should be repeated several times in a row.

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