YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for Better View

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YouTube has now risen to become the second largest search engine in the world. Millions of videos are uploaded every day by users from all over the world.

A Simple YouTube SEO Tips

The videos offer an attractive communication channel and have above-average rankings on Google. This short article describes how you can improve your YouTube presence and visibility.

The use of YouTube as a marketing tool promises many advantages. On the one hand, the number of users is huge and, on the other hand, video is very popular as a communication medium.

In an earlier article we already gave helpful tips for your YouTube marketing and this post shows how you can optimize your videos specifically for search engines.

Since Google took over the video portal YouTube, more and more videos can be found in the top search results. The preferred treatment of the medium is in itself a great advantage in order to be found more easily on the Internet.

To improve this presence even further, you can optimize the individual videos on the one hand and adjust the entire video channel on the other.

How to optimize your YouTube videos

You can adjust the title, description and tags of your YouTube videos to achieve better search engine positioning. The most important thing is the title, which should not only appear attractive to the human visitor but also be easy to understand for Google.

Use keywords and refrain from using your personal company name or personal name. This appears as your username or title of the YouTube channel anyway. Write a title in less than 100 letters that describes the video well and arouses curiosity.

The  description  can be made much more creative. Even if only a few visitors read the description, it is important for the search ranking.

At the beginning, a link to your blog or website should appear in order to forward interested users and to receive a qualitative backlink (nofollow). Try to include keywords in the description and entice the visitor to click on the link for more information.

You can  create tags of up to 120 letters for each video. These should include your most important keywords, your company name or personal name, and the subject of the video.

How to optimize your YouTube channel

Similar to individual videos, you can also customize the title, description and tags on your YouTube channel. The title should include the name of the brand or product that you want to market.

The description should provide information about who you are and what to expect in your channel. You should place your main keywords in the tags again.

You also have the option of customizing the appearance in your YouTube channel. Choose a background and profile picture that reflects your brand. The background image offers enough space to display information about your brand or to point out additional offers.

You can adjust the appearance for your channel in the settings. There you can choose whether your visitors should see all videos in a gallery or whether a particular video should be highlighted. YouTube also gives you the option to link your website and other social media profiles. Use this opportunity to network all of your presences on the Internet.

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