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Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F (ZA3V0011SE) Tablet with integrated suspension

The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is a fairly average tablet, but it has some practical features. You can comfortably hold it, stand it up, or even hang it on the wall. The device also has good speakers. The performance, on the other hand, is rather slow and the built-in hardware is also more in the lower middle class. The Yoga Smart Tab can be used for certain purposes. So we explain to you what you should pay attention to when buying a tablet. Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab YT-X705F Review: stand and wal

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AMD Radeon Pro W5700 Navi, 7nm with USB Type-C port

Navi is finally entering the professional market. After several tasteless announcements on its Radeon Pro, AMD is finally back with the W5700 model. It takes advantage of the features of this range, combined with the advantages of the RDNA architecture and at 7 nm, but with some appreciable advantages. But is it worth for $ 799? Since the launch of the Radeon Instinct in 7nm and the Radeon VII, AMD didn't seem to really care about the professional graphics card market anymore. Only models based

Is your SSD really that fast?

The SSD should ensure high speed. But for this advantage to be achieved, certain requirements have to be met. But your SSD is probably not as fast as you think. Of course, the flash memory works faster than a hard drive. But if you bought a new computer with an SSD or freshly installed Windows 10 on the flash drive when you switched, the perceived speed plus is mainly due to the uncluttered system. The high data rates that manufacturers promise for their drives are almost never achieved by an SS

Acer Predator Helios 700 - Gaming power with a unique design

Acer Helios Predator 700 convinced us subjectively with its extraordinary design and objectively with its high-end gaming power, very good workmanship and a gaming experience that is almost reminiscent of a classic gaming desktop computer. The weight is also reminiscent of a gaming PC, because with almost five kilograms in addition to the charging adapter weighing more than one kilogram, the 17-inch device is anything but mobile. The smart hardware can be overclocked for beginners and additional

JBL Charge Essential: Essential sound at a budget price

The JBL Charge Essential impressed in the test with its good sound, which stands out for its price range. Fortunately, JBL does not limit itself to the “essentials” when it comes to equipment and offers a well-rounded overall picture with water protection, useful functions and a very good Bluetooth range. The battery life can also be impressive, but it takes longer to charge. For its price, the Charge Essential is worth considering, despite its restrained bass. We explain to you what you should


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Realme 7 5G Quick Review: A cheap middle class with 5G

The Realme 7 5G is a good smartphone with 5G support in the mid-price segment. In the test, the excellent battery life and the fast charging time are particularly impressive. The 6.5-inch display has a sharp resolution and is very smooth to use at 120 Hz. In terms of camera and performance, however, we wanted slightly better values. Overall, however, you get a great device for, at the time of testing, just 230 euros. Realme 7 5G Test: faster mobile communications as a figurehead The name

Full Frame Professional Cameras Under 2,200 euros

Until recently, full-frame cameras were considered the classic professional cameras: Very good, but also very clunky and very expensive. That was once. In the meantime Canon, Nikon, Sony and other manufacturers bring out more compact and cheaper models and try to reach the target group of ambitious photographers. Here we present particularly recommendable and inexpensive full-frame cameras under 2,200 euros: four system cameras without mirrors and a classic single-lens reflex camera that you sho

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 - The all-rounder in a compact camera

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 initially aroused great interest in the test: The 30x zoom in the compact housing paired with a powerful sensor promise a lot of flexibility. At second glance, however, the mixed image quality clearly tarnishes the overall impression. And the compact camera also has to struggle with one or the other deficit in terms of equipment. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 Review: The all-round carefree compact camera? What the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX99 has to offer at first gla

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How to find the right WiFi laser printer?

A laser printer with WLAN is wirelessly connected to your computer or laptop in a network. With wireless data transmission, you can enjoy the convenience of being able to set up the large or small laser printer with WLAN practically anywhere. There are laser printers with WLAN with scanners and copiers, which are also known as multifunction printers with WLAN. It is very practical if you can control the laser printer with WLAN via mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. When deciding whether to

Samsung Galaxy S21 - Complete technical test specification

The Galaxy S21 series is the first major Android innovation in 2021. Can Samsung set new standards for 2021? And how does the normal Galaxy S21 differ from the larger models? The Galaxy S21 runs with the same fast Exynos processor as the top model S21 Ultra, comes up with modern 5G technology and takes amazingly good zoom shots even without optical telephoto, albeit only at lower magnification levels. However, the battery life is disappointingly short. The fact that the back is made of plastic i

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s G1 AMD (20UH001AGE) Short Test & Specification

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s G1 AMD comes with powerful and durable thanks to the AMD Ryzen 4000. The Lenovo ThinkPad T14s G1 AMD (20UH001AGE) convinces in the test as an excellent overall package. Thanks to AMD Ryzen Processor, the performance is just as great as the long battery life. In addition to good brightness, the display also offers good color space coverage. As is typical for ThinkPad, the input devices are unsurpassed and the variety of connections only reveals a need for improvement in small

Panasonic TX-55HZW2004: Bright screen with Atmos sound

With the TX-55HZW2004, Panasonic is building an OLED television that the rest of the industry has to measure itself against. Thanks to improved thermal management, the screen generates more peak brightness than others with this technology. This is particularly beneficial for the detail resolution of bright areas of the image. With Dolby Vision content and in Filmmaker mode, the integrated light sensor can adapt the image to the ambient light. With two additional loudspeakers firing upwards, the

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Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO Gaming Keyboard Review

When the style and functionality combined! With the Vulcan 120 AIMO, the peripheral manufacturer Roccat surprises with an exciting concept and presents a keyboard that combines a completely new look with extensive functionality. The extraordinary design raises the lighting in particular to a completely new level for player keyboards. In the long-term test, we can also determine very good stability, easy maintenance and consistent performance. The bottom line is that we can recommend the Vulcan 1

Bluetooth keyboards for tablet & TV

Write better on tablet and TV! Bluetooth keyboards enable comfortable typing on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs and Rackar Biatch made the practical test with ten models.   Bluetooth keyboards Review Smartphones and tablets offer many advantages, writing longer texts is not one of them. Short messages are entrusted to your virtual keyboards, but you have to go back to your PC for longer emails or formal correspondence. Even clever keyboard apps like SwiftKey hardly solve this prob

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Logitech Powerplay Mouse Pad - The future of the PC mouse

With the Powerplay system, Logitech solves one of the most annoying problems of wireless mice thanks to the sensible use of inductive charging. In the practical test, the technology proves to be extremely practical and easy to set up. A few minor blemishes still leave room for a second version. The only question that arises is whether the omission of plugging and unplugging a mouse justifies the extremely high price. Logitech Powerplay Review The principle of Powerplay is comparatively s

Samsung Evo Plus & Pro Plus: The fastest SD cards

The SD cards are the food for digital cameras. The new models Samsung Evo Plus and Samsung Pro Plus are cheap and fast, as the test proves. Faster, cheaper: the fresh SD memory cards from Samsung called Pro Plus and Evo Plus. We has already tested them. The S.D memory cards are small and, above all, inexpensive. There are seldom major differences in low-cost models and unlike the new Samsung Evo Plus and Samsung Pro Plus SD cards. They should show that cheap can be really good. The test says whe

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Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 5 5600X: AMD completes the 5000 series

One to the top and another to get started: AMD completes the 5000 series with two new Ryzen CPUs. In review: The 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X and the 8-core Ryzen 5 5600X. The Ryzen 9 5950X is not a bargain. With the performance offered in the test, however, it stalks nice close to the much more expensive Thread ripper top model 3990X. Months after the introduction of the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X CPU, AMD is introducing the 5950X, a new version of its top CPU for consumers. And at the lower end, the Ryzen

HP Pavilion TG01-1300NG: Slim gaming PC Quick Review

Is gaming in Full HD resolution enough? Then the HP Pavilion is worth a look! COMPUTER BILD reveals the values with which the small gaming PC impressed in the test. Just under 6 kilograms light and with dimensions of 34x16x31 centimeters only slightly larger than a shoebox: the HP is not only stylish, but also compact. Practical: In addition to connections for a headset, it has five easily accessible USB sockets including a USB-C port on the front. Apart from 4K games, it offered a decent pace i

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External SSD Review: Super fast storage devices with USB connection

Carrying tens of gigabytes of data around? A job for an external SSD: small, fast and affordable. Which one can do that best, says the test! The days when external SSD were a luxury item for technology fans are long gone. This is also shown by the 18 test candidates: An SSD with 500 gigabytes of storage space is available from 60 euros, with 1 terabyte from 110 euros. That is enough for many users and they can look forward to much more speed and significantly less weight an external SSD is now m

Fujitsu Esprimo G558 Review: A compact CPU

The tested equipment variant of the Fujitsu Esprimo G558 marks the mini-PC middle class. He still does his work at a bearable pace and is very economical and mostly quiet. On the other hand, weaker configurations are not recommended, as they make working with several programs a bit of a patience. Otherwise, the Esprimo scores with a good variety of connections.   The Fujitsu Esprimo G558 is small and can still work like the big ones! It is a precious commodity. Not only landowners kn


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Android 11: The best tips for Samsung smartphones

It's not just the design of the Samsung smartphones with Android 11 that has changed. Samsung is now distributing Android 11 and One UI 3.0 on smartphones. Among other things, as part of the Galaxy Unpacked event in January 2021, the South Korean company showed which new functions are waiting for users. But which innovations are useful and where are they hidden? Rackar Biatch presents eight useful tips with which you can get even more out of your smartphone with Android 11 and One UI 3.0. You ca

Apple Mac mini M1 Review

With the M1, the Apple Mac mini is as fast as an Intel iMac. The test clarifies what else the mini PC can do. A lot of power promised and delivered! Although only part of the software has been adapted to the new M1 processor, it provides a real speed boost: The Mac mini 2020 M1 (tested model MGNR3D / A) has become really fast and is even a fast iMac competitor. The fact that it is still only enough for a satisfactory test grade is not due to the speed, but to the sparse equipment: For example, k

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The best USB-C cables and adapters tested

The USB-C cables are available in different versions with different data transfer rates. With USB-C, a new standard hit the shelves of the electronics store in 2014, and the symmetrical USB connector was born. Since then things have become more complicated because what looks like USB-C is not just USB-C. The generations, from USB 3.1 Gen 1 to USB 3.2 Gen2x2, differ not only in their names, but also in their range of functions and in some cases enormous. In addition, if you pair them incorrectly,

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